Dr. Johann Nemrava

Education: Doctor Johann Nemrava graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka, and specialized in general surgery in Zagreb at the Clinical Hospitals ‘Merkur’ and ‘Dubrava’. During his specialist training, he completed his doctoral studies at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics and obtained the title of Doctor of Science in the field of biological sciences. Furthermore, he completed his sub-specialization in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery at the Clinical Hospitals ‘Sestre milosrdnice’ and ‘Dubrava’.

Work experience: During the internship and specialization program, he worked in the surgical department as a doctor in the emergency surgical service and assisted in minor and major surgical procedures. He gained his many years of experience in the field of general surgery and emergency medicine at the “General Hospital of Croatian Veterans Zabok”. He continues his continuous professional and scientific training by participating in numerous courses and congresses in Croatia and abroad, and during his career he spends some time working in clinics in Germany, England and Ireland.