Dental Art Team


She completed the 5-year cycle of studies at UMT, faculty of dental medicine in 2016 in Tirana
Postgraduate education has continued with a series of courses and trainings with international lecturers in endodontics, pediatric dentistry, restorative and aesthetic dentistry.

2019-2020: Attended the 1-year Master in “Advanced Technologies in Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry”
2020-2023: Attended a series of online trainings
• `Complete guide in veneer preps’ by Belograd Academy
• `Tip and tricks in endodontics’ by Arnaldo Castellucci
• “M-learning Aesthetic course” by Pascal Magne and Mauro Fradeani
• “Aesthetic and occlusion in full arch rehabilitation” by Masao Yamazaki
• “What’s new in pediatric dentistry”
Dr. Denada became part of our staff immediately after graduation, where she attended an internship.
Her mission and goal is to treat every patient with the same care and skill as she would her own family.



In 2004, she finished the 5-year cycle of studies at the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Stomatology, and graduated in the same year. Dr. Elda’s professional career has continued with continuous courses and trainings with foreign lecturers in the field of aesthetics, orthodontics, paradontology, endodontics.

• Crown lengthening protocols – Daniel Melker
• A biological approach to periodontal surgery – Daniel Melker
• Gummy smile correction with TADs- Johnny Liaw
• Osseous resective surgery today: crown lengthening – Gianfranco Carnevale
• Full prosthetic in rehabilitation dentistry: New vision – Mauro Fradeani
• Non surgical management of extreme vertical problems (both open and collapsed vertical facial height) with micro-implants – Won Moon
• Minor surgeries in daily orthodontic practice – Chris Chang
• Simplified mechanics for challenging cases – Chris Chang
• The protocol for excellence on Invisible Orthodontics – Diego Peydro (2023)
• Theoretical and practical course in Endodontics – Vincenzo Campanella (2014)
• Basic and advanced course of micro endodontics at Italian Dental Education -Dr Fabio Piccoti (2017-2018)
• Class II and III malocclusion treatment course – Antonio Guiducci (2019)
• Theoretical-practical-clinical course 2017-2018 is certified as Doctor Step, Straight Wire Technique Evolved Philosophy – Dr. Arturo Fortini
Damon System Technique course, self-ligating orthodontics, advanced technique (2019) – Dr Marija Saupe
•Preprosthetic orthodontics course, Skeletal anchoring with miniscrews, Management of the bruxist patient – Dr. Giuseppe Baldasarre (2018)
• In 2022, she completed her 3-year specialization and graduated as an orthodontic specialist at the Albanian University.
Since 2010, together with her husband, she runs the private Dental Art Tirana clinic, where mainly patients are oriented towards high-quality aesthetic works and modern orthodontics.
Perfectionism to realize everything “lege artis”, attention to details, communication and dedication to the patient are the strong points.
The desire to constantly improve in modern treatment methods and the thirst for the latest news in the field of dentistry are his motivation and goal.