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Nephrology Centers of Excellence Nephrology Centers of Excellence operating hemodialysis allover Cairo, from the west to the east with the biggest emergency unit for hemodialysis in the heart of Cairo. It is a central network hub for hemodialysis and it is extending to cover all the vital areas in Egypt. Sphinx Kidney Centers is a top-quality facility for kidney care situated in downtown Cairo, Egypt. We perform over 250 living-donor kidney transplants per year and have an active desensitization program for managing sensitized recants with DSA’s in collaboration with Grenoble CHU, France. We also have a state-of-the-art hemodialysis and apheresis center providing out-patient and in-patient services with regular hemodialysis machines as well as hemofiltration and plasma exchange; our unit hosts the only immunoadsorption machine in Africa.

Our center is the only center in Africa and one of 2 in the Middle East recognized by top pharmacological companies for training health professionals in the Immunology and Transplantation Centre. Our elite consultants provide online and in-person consultation via our clinics and we have several collaboration protocols with transplant and kidney centers in Africa and the Middle East.

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