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Our clinic is home to an exceptional team of surgeons, periodontists, and specialists with extensive expertise in full mouth reconstruction, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and other complex treatments.

With decades of combined experience treating international patients, they are adept at working closely with your home dentist to ensure continuity of care after your return. Our skilled doctors utilize the latest techniques and technologies to achieve optimal, natural-looking results tailored to enhance your health, confidence, and vitality.

In addition to our talented doctors, our clinic is powered by a vibrant team of dental assistants, nurses, patient coordinators, and administrative staff.  Our dental nurses have extensive training to provide skilled chair-side assistance to the doctors in procedures. They also ensure your utmost safety and comfort during treatment. Our patient coordinators act as your guides from initial inquiry through post-procedure follow-ups, arranging details like imaging, payments, tourism activities, and more based on your needs.

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