Clínica Dental Centro Odontológico Paitilla

About us

The Paitilla Dental Center is made up of a group of specialists in different areas of dentistry with vast experience serving our patients, carrying out a modern practice with quality and a wide variety of dental treatments.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive dental care with the most advanced technology available to date, from dental prophylaxis to the most complex treatments in orthodontics, dental implants, fixed or removable prostheses, periodontics, oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry with smile design and specialized care for children.

At the Paitilla Dental Center, both children and adults are treated under strict Biosafety rules.

Experience, innovation and technology come together in this clinic to provide all the dental care you need. And his family needs.

We have been located on the ground floor of the Paitilla Medical Offices since 1990.


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