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We choose natural beauty.

Unlike metal prosthetics which are physically attached to the tooth, ceramics are done chemically, blending in with its natural color. Because of its transparency, we can quickly spot cavities and treat them instantly. Ceramic prosthetics from The Oaks are created through the precise Dental CAD/CAM, which is not at all harmful.

We choose to be exact and precise.

Through precise digital scanning, we accurately find all tooth damage and restore teeth in their most original and fitting forms. It analyzes teeth through the “biogenetic” software, which is a software finalized through over one million clinical data.

We choose materials not harmful to your body.

The Oaks Dentistry possesses 12 self-developed aesthetic charts. These are applied to find the best proportion of teeth, personalized for each patient. We design a smile that most fits our patients through Smile Design. You will have your smile that brings out the best of your beauty.

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