Vrioni Dental Team


Graduated from the University of Ankara (Turkey), Faculty of Dentistry in 2003. 
Diploma of Dentistry (Master), University of Ankara
Diploma of Dental Radiologist, University of Ankara
Master in Dental Implantology and Prosthetics

Specialized in Medical Hypnosis and Aesthetic Dentistry.
Member of:
Albanian Dental Association
Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry
Association of Medical Hypnosis (Turkey)

Has completed the following trainings;

-Medical Hypnosis, Yeditepe University, Istanbul (Turkey), 2003

– The Synergy of Colors, Dr. Mario Besek (Switzerland), 2005

-Corso di Dissezione Anatomico Su Cadavere,Aspetti e Techniche Chirurgiche Ai

Finni Delle Riabilitazioni Implantari. Universiteti SEMMELWEISS ,Budapest (Hungari) 2012

-Modern Implantology and the SKY Implant System. (Dr. Peter Brehm) 2009

-ANKYLOS ,multi –indicative, Dentac Dental Academy in VIENNA,Austri 2008

-Corso di Implantologia Clinica ,su impianti di tippo cilindrico,conico ,monofasico. 2009

-Corso Teorico-Practico Di Implantologia,Nuove Tecnologie in Chirurgia e Protesi Implantare. Doccente. Emanuele Morella. 2010

-OSSTEM AIC Sinus Training Course ,Eschborn ,Germany . 2012

-Sinus Lift, Surgical Technique-Live Surgery ,Hands on Course. Prof.Marco Esposito. 2011

He participated in these congresses and conferences:

– Congress of BASS (Balkan Dental Association) 2003
-17th Congress of BASS (Balkan Dental Association), 2012
– The 5th National Implant-Prosthesis Conference, 2011
– The 6th National Implanto-Prosthesis Conference, 2012
– The 10th International Congress of the Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, 2006
– The 11th International Congress of the Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, 2007


Graduated: University of Tirana, Faculty of Dentistry, 2007

Specialized: Orthodontics

Second-level scientific master in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, UNIZKM-Tirana,

Tor Vergata Rome University, 2012 (with the result: excellent 110 points)

Corso di perfezionamento: Evoluzione tecnica MBT, March 2013-July 2013, Ospedale George Eastman, Rome, Italy.

Corso di perfezionamento: Distalizing therapy in second grades, January 2013, Bari, Italy.

Training; Straight-Wire technique. Dr. Renzo Sorato.

Has participated in;
– Problems in orthopedics and orthodontics, 2011.
– Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry
11th International Congress of Aesthetic Dentistry, 2007, Istanbul, Turkey.
– Modern Endodontics 2008, Tirana.
– 17th Congress of BASS (Balkan dental association), 2012.
-Contemporary Restorative Ministry, 2011.
-18th Albanian National Dental Conference, 2012.
– 6th Scientific Conference of Dentistry, 2010
– The 7th Scientific Conference of Dentistry, 2011