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We only use the highest quality of dental implants in top-notch clinics.

  • Dental implants (200 € – 500 €)
  • Dental Crowns (100 € – 170 €)
  • Dental Veneers (170 € – 250 €)
  • Root Canals (80 € – 100 €)
  • Teeth Whitening (80 € – 150 €)
  • Dentures (250 € – 500 €)
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Benefits of Dental Care in Albania

Cost-Effective Solutions

Dental care in Albania often comes at a fraction of the cost compared to many Western countries, making high-quality treatments more affordable.

Skilled Professionals

Albania boasts a pool of well-trained and experienced dental professionals who provide top-notch services, utilizing modern techniques and technology.

Short Waiting Times

Unlike some countries with long waiting lists for dental appointments, Albania offers shorter waiting times, allowing patients to promptly address their dental needs.

Quality Materials and Technology

Dental clinics in Albania use high-quality materials and the latest dental technology to ensure the durability and effectiveness of treatments.

Tourism and Treatment

Combining dental care with tourism is a unique advantage in Albania. Patients can enjoy the rich cultural experiences and natural beauty while receiving quality dental treatments.

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