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The approach of MORPHODYNAMIC COSMETIC SURGERY consists in the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques applied gradually. It is based on the respect and enhancement of one’s physiognomy and individuality, with harmonious, natural and definitive results. Standard techniques obtain standard results. The marked personalization of treatments allows us to increase the pleasure of one’s face, not to homologate our appearance and to obtain the changes we most desire.

The possibility of an early start, at a young age, even 16-17 years, allows us to gradually obtain strong improvements DEFINITIVE aesthetic treatments, avoiding more invasive interventions in the following years.Finally we are able to offer effective and definitive solutions for FACIAL DISHARMONICIES, FACE REJUVENATION, LOOK, CHIN, NECK, BODY, PROFILOPLASTICS, MINI INVASIVE RHINOPLASTIES, etc. All this without having to face a aggressive and invasive surgery An in-depth “MORPHODYNAMIC FACIAL ANALYSIS” is the first step to discover the enormous possibilities of change thanks to Morphodynamic Cosmetic Surgery
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Morphodynamic Techniques

Through various and innovative techniques applied in an original way it is possible to guide the evolution of the tissues to ensure that an aesthetic problem is solved without resorting to invasive surgery with a scalpel. The sessions can also be carried out at a young age , indeed it is at this age that the best results are obtained. The purpose of these sessions is to interrupt a negative growth of some parts of the face and to favor a harmonious development of the affected areas. In this sense, Morphodynamic Cosmetic Surgery has a great effectiveness in preventing the unsightly defect.
It is essential to understand which modifications to obtain to increase the harmony and pleasantness of one’s face. Standard techniques get standard results. The absolute customization of the treatments allows you to enhance your own physiognomy without distorting it or conforming it to common forms.
To counteract the natural sagging of fabrics, there is a precious ally: the suspension thread. There is an extensive range of threads, each with certain characteristics, so that, based on individual needs, it is possible to choose the most suitable and effective method for the individual.
The indications are many, they include the face:
brow lift, eye lift…
Lifting cheekbones, cheeks…
Lip lift
Prominent ears
Neck lift
And the body:
Breast lift, buttocks, arms…
The MORPHODYNAMIC LIPLIFT is performed with threads to avoid the invasive incision of the classic lip lift, as the residual scar creates problems in the following years. With a minimally invasive method, the lip dynamics are modified, obtaining natural results without scars.
Cellulite is a tissue that suffers, with altered microcirculation, with a dense fibrotic layer, so soliciting these areas with equipment or methods (radiofrequency, ultrasound, subcutaneous incisions, carboxytherapy….) which worsen the already suffering pathological condition must be excluded. The purpose of the sessions is to activate the microcirculation and restore a better local physiology, these consist of stimulation of the microcirculation, injections of substances that activate the local metabolism, lipolytic and anti-cellulite substances, followed by a deep stimulation up to the deepest layers, but always helping to restore normal tissue physiology, avoiding future fibrotic worsening.
The abuse of fillers leads to deformations of one’s characteristics, creating a paradoxical and grotesque appearance as well as granulomatous and fibrotic tissues. The thread approach allows you to have valid, natural results and with minimal formation of fibrotic tissue, and only in the points where it is convenient for us. All while rigorously respecting one’s physiognomy and harmony of features. So the guiding principle is to reposition the tissues that have sagged rather than unnaturally filling the sagging areas.
There are many methods that the market offers us to obtain tissue firming, but after a first more or less brilliant result these same tissues get worse, and this is because many methods proposed (radiofrequency, ultrasound, laser, carboxytherapy, etc.) cause the production of fibrotic collagen, leading to a deterioration in tissue quality, i.e. aging. I find it much closer to the natural physiology of seating tissues that include: skin treatment and intradermal injections followed by cutaneous and connective tissue stimulation. In this way it improves the physiology of the affected areas leading to a better quality and recovery of conditions of greater tonicity.
All parts of the face are interconnected, so changing one area affects other areas. This is not always taken into consideration. Instead, Morphodynamic Cosmetic Surgery is all about understanding and analyzing complex neuromuscular networks to improve harmony.
By intervening both at an early age and at a later age with the methods of Morphodynamic Cosmetic Surgery, it is possible to avoid undergoing invasive operations in the following years. Various parts of the face and body can be modified by acting on the dynamics that influence morphology.
Thanks to the innovative mini-invasive methods of Morphodynamic Cosmetic Surgery, it is possible to intervene early to improve the aesthetics of the face in a definitive way. From about 16 years of age through an in-depth “MORPHODYNAMIC FACIAL ANALYSIS” you can start an individualized path.
This is the first step to have complete awareness of one’s physiognomy and to be able to understand which direction to take in tackling the complex world of aesthetics with awareness and tranquillity. In this way you will be able to receive a detailed personalized treatment plan.
Huge improvements can be made to the nose without resorting to invasive surgery. More and more innovative minimally invasive techniques are being developed to permanently improve the shape and function of the nose, even in cases of previous traditional rhinoplasty.
By applying the principles of Morphodynamic Cosmetic Surgery it is possible to increase the projection of the buttocks and their consistency, always with minimally invasive techniques and without prostheses. The results are definitive and surprising if accompanied by moderate athletic activity.
The real rejuvenation of the gaze is obtained with the innovative techniques of Morphodynamic Cosmetic Surgery. Unfortunately many people undergo the classic blepharoplasty operation, obtaining an irreversible change in the shape of the eyes and not a rejuvenation of the gaze.
In most cases, small minimally invasive procedures are sufficient to obtain greater harmony of the face. Through an in-depth “MORPHODYNAMIC FACIAL ANALYSIS” it is possible to decide in which points to act to improve one’s aesthetics by enhancing one’s face and personality.
By means of traction threads it is possible to obtain the repositioning of various tissues, avoiding invasive interventions, such as face lifts. The scars created by invasive interventions in the following years create important disharmonies by altering the naturalness of the face.

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