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About us

Plastic Clinic is a beauty clinic in Indonesia that focuses on aesthetics, health and plastic surgery. Since 2019, we have been here to answer people’s needs for maintenance, both for health and aesthetic appearance. The Plastic Clinic is equipped with the best equipment suitable to support treatment, we also try to always provide other services in the form of a comfortable place, strategic location, and experienced staff and nurses.

Plasthetic Clinic provides plastic surgery consultation services and surgical procedures that support the appearance and confidence of patients, both online and offline. We understand that undergoing plastic surgery is not an easy decision. That is why we establish good relationships with our patients.

The good relationships we have established are useful for providing services according to needs so that patients can feel comfortable and satisfied. We are happy to be part of the patient’s journey when the patient is satisfied with the care and services we provide. For us, patient satisfaction and comfort is the main thing. In accordance with the tagline we chose, namely, Enhance your Quality of Life. We strive to continuously improve the quality of life of patients through aesthetic treatments & plastic surgery.


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